Check Out This Trailer for the New Halo Series, Coming This March

Halo the Series Official Trailer

The Halo series has a new trailer which, in turn, has revealed its March release date.

As announced over the weekend, the new Halo series (based on the games of the same name) will be streaming on Paramount+ this March 24th. And, if you want a good look at what could be coming your way, you can check out the trailer right now. It’s much meatier than the previous “first look” trailer, featuring a suited-up Master Chief, glimpses of the Covenant and more.

We got a kick out of seeing Bokeem “Mike Milligan” Woodbine in the first look trailer and he’s here again, so that’s good, but there are parts of the trailer that feel off. Some scenes look suitably convincing but others make the series look like a Sci-Fi Channel movie. We don’t mean one of the good ones, either – we’re talking Roboshark vs Squiddillo or whatever Roger Corman’s last production was. Our eyebrows really hit the ceiling at the 1:18 mark, which is when Cortana is introduced.

Take a look at you’ll see what we mean. The AI is played by Jen Taylor who’s been voicing the character ever since the first game and there’s nothing wrong with her performance. However, instead of being a see-through hologram, she’s just wearing a costume and it looks very strange.

Yes, we’re glad to see her outfit resembles her Halo Infinite incarnation, and maybe people new to the series won’t notice, but as long time Halo fans we find it more than a little off-putting. “Find the Halo, win the war,” also had us cringing.

Storywise, the trailer offers a few hints of things to come. It appears as if Master Chief will discover an ancient artifact which unlocks his memories or, at least, makes him remember what he was subjected to by the Spartan program. This, in turn, leads to higher-ups questioning whether he’s really their weapon any more.

Halo Series Cortana

The trailer also reveals there’s a character fighting for the Covenant who appears to be human. Could she be enhanced, like Master Chief and the other Spartans? Is she directly working for the alien coalition or there is some sort of cult worshipping their would-be conquerors.

If you’re in the US, the Halo series will arrive this March 24th on Paramount+. If you’re outside the states, Sky is going to be carrying Paramount+ in many other countries and, while the service hasn’t been rolled out yet it’s arriving “Early 2022” so should, in theory, be available in time for the series.