Chernobylite’s Latest Console Patch Introduces Three New Monsters


Do you like glowing green monsters? Do you wish you had more of them? Chernobylite’s new “Monster Hunt” console patch has you covered.

This survival horror RPG’s new patch, out now on PS4 and Xbox One, introduces three new monsters to the world, supposedly for you to hunt. But, going by the trailer, it’s pretty clear who’s going to be doing the hunting. Maybe they just want a hug but, more likely, they’re intent on eating your face and the faces of anyone else who crosses their path.

Chernobylite arrived on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One last year, casting you as a former Chernobyl worker who lost his wife in the disaster. Is she dead? Maybe, maybe not, which is why you wander into the exclusion zone, ready to fend off radioactive beasts. Yes, it’s not unlike the Stalker series, but there are more than a few games that have used the Chernobyl disaster as their focus.

We took a look at Chernobylite when it came out, and got a real kick out of its open-ended survival shenanigans, though the English voice-overs aren’t a patch on the original Russian ones. We’re happy to see it getting more console content, especially since this new patch is absolutely free. But.. hang on, what about the PC?

PC players haven’t been left out – they got the content last year, it’s just taken a while to make its way to console. Another piece of formerly PC-exclusive DLC is on the way too, the Autumn Dread pack. Out now on Xbox and coming to PlayStation this January 25th, the pack adds new weapons skins, though costing $3.99/€3.99/£3.29, it’s not free.

Aside from the new monsters, the patch adds version other tweaks including a boost to the behaviour of one of the persistent in-game foes. Chernobylite is out on now on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 with next-gen versions in development.