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Clean Up With Gas Station Simulator’s New Car Wash Update

Gas Station Simulator

Gas Station Simulator’s latest free update, out now, lets you add a car wash to your growing sandbowl-based business.

It comes with its own problems, clogged hoses and so forth, but it should be a neat source of side-income. Certainly, given your gas station is right on the edge of a desert highway, you should get plenty of takers. Rake in enough money and you can upgrade your car wash to be totally automatic, so you can stand back and watch the cash roll in.

At least, that’s how it works in this PC-based simulator’s world. In the real world, you’d get one person in two hundred who tried to drive their car out before it was ready, and acting surprised when the brushes didn’t move fast enough to permit their exit. You’d then have to shut the whole thing down while you extricated their precious vehicle from your car wash.

In fact, bad customers are one of two things missing from Gas Station Simulator. Sure, some of them drop litter but, when we’ve thought about owning a store, we’ve fantasied about being able to ban rude customers, roaring I AM THE MANAGER when they protest. It’s not that we’re resentful about working in retail, or anything.. honest.

The other feature we’d like to see is a sandbox mode, so we could opt to only build the facilities we want. Yes, having a garage attached to the station may look cool, but actually keeping it stocked with tyres, scratch remover and so on can sometimes be a pain. At the very least, we’d like the ability to shut the garage itself.

Gas Station Simulator, is however, still worth your time (you can read our impressions of the game here) and if you’ve stepped away from it this car wash update is a good excuse jump back in. And if you’ve yet to tackle it, you can grab it from the Steam Store, where it’s 20% off, or from GOG, where it’s 25% off.

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