Eerie Action-Puzzler In Nightmare Gets a March Release Date

In Nightmare

In Nightmares, which sees you saving a young boy from his worst fears, is dropping this March.

We first took a look at this top-down action-puzzler back in February 2021, and were suitably intrigued by its premise. Sure, your protagonist is trapped in a horrifying nightmare realm, but it’s not so much that he’s been dragged there, it seems as if he’s retreated it to avoid the horrors of his waking life.

The game is set for a March PlayStation release and to mark this announcement, Maximum Games have put out a new trailer, featuring five minutes of extended gameplay. Aside from puzzle-solving, the trailer shows off two of the “boss” monsters you’ll have to elude and then ultimate defeat.


The second monster is a drooling, big-jawed beast, but the first is a towering, statuesque woman whose own nightmares will start when the internet gets hold of her. The trailer’s boss battle shows you facing off against this latter shade, using some handily placed electric towers to zap her.

Yes, putting them there seems like a short-sighted move but, given it’s the child’s nightmare, this could well be the first sign that he’s fighting back against whatever horrifying truth plunged him into this realm.

Will his story have a happy ending? You’ll have to wait till March 29th to find out, when In Nightmare hits the PlayStation 4 and 5.