Crossfire: Legion Preview: A Fast-Paced Classic RTS

Crossfire Legion

Chances are you might not have heard about the hit first-person shooter series Crossfire, let alone have played one of its numerous entries spread across PC and mobile.

You’ll be hearing much more about it soon, however, thanks to the upcoming CrossfireX that sticks to the series’ roots while also offering a Remedy-developed single-player campaign, and Crossfire: Legion, a fast-paced real-time strategy game developed by Blackbird Interactive.

Set in the troubled version of the near future that the series is known for, Crossfire: Legion finds two mercenary corporations battling it out for supremacy. In one corner there’s Global Risk, the peacekeepers who seek order. And in the other is Black List, which does its best to influence global events to its favour. Who you assume command of is up to you.

We’ve been hands-on with an early build of Crossfire: Legion, and have found that it offers classic RTS gameplay but with a high pace. Both 1v1 and 3v3 battles are on offer, allowing for quick skirmishes or more complex bouts of all-out war. Starting with little more than a base and a handful of workers, it’s up to players to collect resources and build the essential structures to get their operation off the ground. Build a barracks, for example, and you can develop soldiers, ready to defend your base or head out and strike at an opponent’s. To further bolster your efforts, you then might decide to build a factory that can churn out vehicles.

Of course, Crossfire: Legion is all about managing resources at its core; you won’t even be able to build additional units unless you have the required supplies to support them. And it’s also important to level your structures up, as it allows you to develop more advanced units which may give you an edge over the competition.

In addition to your grunts, you’ll also be able to choose a commander to lead your forces, each with their own unique skills. Global Risk’s Cardinal, for example, can call in a powerful artillery strike, while Black List’s Phoenix can set up an outpost that heals nearby units, and teleport units which then reappear in stealth mode. These were the only commanders available in our early build, but more will feature in the full game.

Those keen to go hands-on with Crossfire: Legion will be happy to hear that they won’t necessarily have to wait all that long. It has been announced that a beta test for the game will take place before it enters early access this spring. Players can find more information about the beta on the game’s Steam page, including what to do to sign up. But even if you do miss out, there’ll be more opportunities to go hands-on in the future.

When Crossfire: Legion enters early access, its action will be shook up with the introduction of third new faction, which is yet to be unveiled. Blackbird Interactive is also planning to add new content and features, such as a single-player campaign, co-op scenarios, more maps, more commanders, and a whole lot more. Needless to say, if you’re a fan of Crossfire, or classic RTS games, you might want to keep Crossfire: Legion on your radar, and perhaps sign up to take part in its beta.

Check out the new reveal trailer for Crossfire: Legion below.