One God of War PC Modder is Already Churning Out Nightmares

God of War PC Mods

Ever wondered what God of War’s Kratos would look like if his head was one huge eyeball? No, us neither, but that’s not stopped one PC modder.

UPDATE (20/1/22, 08:10pm GMT): The original video has been taken down by a copyright claim because, as it turns out, Vortex Games wasn’t responsible for the mods. Fortunately, the copyright claim did point us in the direction of the modder who was actually responsible, Speclizer. We’ve updated this article to reflect that.

We’re still waiting on the mod that will turn Kratos, this hack-em-up’s axe-wielding father, into Macho Man Randy Savage, but this bout of nightmare fuel will have to do for now. We have GamingBible to thank for putting this on our radar and ensuring that we’ll never, ever sleep again.


Yes, there are some more serious mods to be found on NexusMods, but the ones that modder Speclizer has created, and posted on Twitter, are infinitely more striking. If that name sounds familiar it’s because they were also responsible for discover that, while it breaks the game, you can kill Tommy in The Last of Us Part II.

Aside from the aforementioned giant eyeball, one gives Kratos a massive head, far bigger than anything the big head modes of old ever delivered. Another makes his entire lower jaw jut through his head, teeth, gums and all.

But our absolute favourite has to be Big Arms Kratos. Partly it’s because of how absurd Kratos looks, in contrast to the game’s largely serious plot. But mainly it’s because, having watched that clip, we’re now imagining Kratos as Left 4 Dead’s Tank, with his big arms and his head wedged into his chest. Any modders care to make that a reality?

These mods aren’t publicly available, but just watching them in action is certainly something. When they’re not creating nightmares, Speclizer picks apart games in other ways, using mods to peek at areas that would normally be out of view. You can see more on their YouTube channel, or subscribe to their Patreon here.

As for the vanilla God of War, you can check out our God of War PC review here, or pick it up on PlayStation 4 and PC.