Good Loot’s Videogame-Themed Jigsaws are a Must Have for Old-School Puzzle Fans

Goodloot jigsaw

I’ve not done a jigsaw puzzle since I was a kid, but that changed recently when I received a very nice package from Good Loot.

Let’s face it; the typical target market for jigsaw puzzles is either young children or the elderly. But why? Many of us enjoy a nice, relaxing activity that you can do with your favourite album on in the background, or something playing away on TV. Yes, maybe putting together a LEGO set is my current go-to activity outside of videogames, but LEGO is expensive. Jigsaws are not. And, thanks to Good Loot, it turns out they can be pretty interesting.

Move over, boring vase of flowers or watercolour field with a horse in it. Good Loot’s selection of jigsaws feature official video game artwork from a range of popular titles. There’s Overwatch, Diablo III, Far Cry 6, The Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, King’s Bounty II, DOOM Eternal, Fallout 4, Resident Evil and more. The range is growing too, with sets based on Diablo II, Skyrim and Mafia, among others, just released. Chances are, Good Loot has made a jigsaw puzzle based on a game that you like.

I’ve spent some time putting together a Watch Dogs Legion puzzle, one sporting a colourful ‘Pig Mask’ design. These are big puzzles, so you’ll need a good amount of table space to complete them. This particular one is 1,000 pieces, and measures 68cm by 48cm when finished. Others are even bigger at 1,500 pieces, measuring 85 cm by 58cm. The company also makes a number of 500-piece puzzles (34cm by 48cm).

Watch Dogs Legion Good Loot Jigsaw

No matter which size you go for, though, you’ll get the same, high quality product. Each box contains the pieces for the puzzle, a poster of the finished artwork and a drawstring bag to keep the pieces in (although the outer box is sturdy enough to keep the pieces loose within). It makes for a very nice package.

The quality of the jigsaw itself is very good too, for the most part. The printing quality is excellent, and a finished jigsaw makes for a stunning piece of art. Each piece is printed on thick cardboard, making them as hardy as you’d expect. Some of the pieces are particularly tiny, however, as some have a socket on every side. It makes them a bit flimsy and I can see those pieces in particular bending easily if you’re not careful. I also had a handful of pieces which weren’t properly cut, leaving a thin layer of paper in the cut-out areas, like in the picture below. It was easily rectified without damaging the piece, but slightly disappointing to find.

Good Loot Jigsaw Watch Dogs Legion

Each jigsaw piece has a slightly textured finish on the printed side, giving the finished puzzle a slightly matte, canvas effect. It’s nice, and it means there’s not as much glare on the pieces if you’re sitting under a harsh light. Very handy when it comes to finding the correct colour piece out of a huge pile.

Good Loot Jigsaw Watch Dogs Legion

Good Loot Jigsaw Watch Dogs Legion

Video game merchandise comes in all kinds of shapes and forms, but these jigsaw puzzles from Good Loot might now be amongst some of my favourites. It gives us an excuse to step away from our consoles and do something a little more hands-on for a while. We all know it’s a good idea to switch off every now and then, and a jigsaw is the perfect activity to do so with. They don’t have to be just for kids or old people anymore. Good Loot is trying to make them cool again, and with its huge range of video game-themed puzzles, it may well have just done it.

You can browse all of Good Loot’s range of jigsaw puzzles on its website. Puzzles are available to purchase from Amazon, costing between £20 and £28. A bargain, we’d say, considering just how nice each set is presented.

Thank you to Good Loot for providing us with jigsaws to review.

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