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Here’s Everything We Learned From the Hitman 3 Year 2 Reveal Stream

Hitman 3 Year 2

Wondering what Hitman 3’s Year 2 content will deliver? We certainly are and while today’s livestream didn’t reveal everything, there were some exciting surprises.

Developers IO Interactive’s fifteen minute reveal, fronted by the superhumanly effusive Clemens Koch, didn’t reveal when Hitman 3 is getting new maps, though the tail end of the presentation did offer a tantalising glimpse of a new location.

Instead, it focused on several other upcoming features and tweaks, all arriving in the first half of the year and all of which appear to be completely free. Here’s what’s on the way:

Elusive Targets Arcade (January 20th). This will let you tackle all the game’s Elusive Targets in one single run. Even better, these are permanent additions, there’s no waiting two weeks for a new one to pop up, as was the case with the traditional Elusive Target mode.

The catch is that if you fail one Elusive Target mission, you have to wait a day and start the whole chain all over again. Succeed, though, and you get bonuses, potentially equipment and outfits, that can be used in the main game.

Hitman 3 PC VR (January 20th). Already available on the PlayStation 4 and 5, VR mode will let you explore all three Hitman games in VR. Why? Apart from the general fun factor, throwing objects is a lot easier and a lot sillier. Want to throw something underarm? Hitman 3’s PC VR mode will let you do that. Want to run around slapping people on the head? Go wild.

Hitman 3 on Steam (January 20th): Hitman 3 is coming to Steam on the PC, having previously only been available through the Epic Games Store. The first two games are already available on Steam.

Hitman: World of Assassination Trilogy (January 20th): The entire new Hitman trilogy, dubbed the “World of Assassination” is coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation as a single package. On top of that, it’ll be free on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.

Technical Improvements (Spring): Hitman 3 will be receiving a range of performance tweaks, such as improved reflections and shadows. These won’t be across all platforms – only the PC version is, so far, confirmed as getting ray tracing.

Hitman 3 Freelancer (Spring): Hitman 3′s new freelancer mode will give you a safehouse to operate from and task you with tracking down criminal targets across several locations, before hunting down their boss. The twist is that you don’t know who the boss is – IO Interactive have yet to confirm this but it seems as if your targets will be repurposed “regular” characters.

The intent is to make this a random, infinitely replayable mode. You’ll have to purchase your own equipment and if you lose it in mission, you’ll have to purchase it all over again. The Safehouse was featured in a few earlier Hitman games and was particularly cool in that the weapons you’d collected would be on display. Hitman 3’s safehouse, which will be customisable to a degree, looks a lot fancier than Hitman 2’s shed, that’s for sure.

Hitman 3 Year 2 Map

Finally, we were given a very brief glimpse of a new map, nicknamed “Rocky” by IO Interactive, with an unspecified release date. This snippet featured a rope bridge, along with a few canoes moored by a hut, so it looks as if this new map, whenever it sees the light of day, will sport a jungle aesthetic. If previous Hitman games are anything to go by, the new map won’t be free but we’re okay with paying for a new murder playground.

What wasn’t mentioned was how much of this content will require you to be online. While we loved Hitman 3, and the two previous titles, it still seems a little off that you can only unlock rewards if you’re online. We’d love to see Year Two change this but it seems unlikely.

You can expect IO Interactive to reveal more Hitman 3 Year 2 content in the future, particularly regarding their post-spring content. We’ll let you know when we hear more.

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