Horizon Forbidden West’s Latest Video Showcases its Diverse Tribes

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West, arriving this February, isn’t just you and the machines, there are other human NPCs you’ll have to contend with.

This open-world action adventure’s latest video shows off some of the tribes that you’ll interact with, violently or otherwise, as well as offering a glimpse of the red plague that’s threatening the semi-mechanical ecosystem.

The trailer features five tribes, though it hints at a sixth, hidden group. Admittedly, this is guesswork, but we wouldn’t be surprised if this group turns out to be Horizon’s equivalent of Fallout’s Brotherhood of Steel. The tribes that, as confirmed by the trailer, aren’t lurking in the shadows are:

  • The Carja: Returning from Horizon Zero Dawn, the first entry in the Horizon series, the Carja are an imperial tribe, ruled by the Sun King, who dwells in a vast city.
  • The Oseram: The Oseram are  a generally chill group who prefer building and drinking to going to war, though they will band together to defend themselves when necessary.
  • The Tenakth: A group of battle-ready warriors, it’s not clear what their intention is, from the video at least, but it seems they’ll be more than capable of giving protagonist Aloy a run for her money.
  • The Utaru: The Utaru seem to be Horizon Forbidden West’s new age group, more chill even than the Oseram, singing to the crops in an effort to deal with the red plague.
  • Regalla and her rebels: With an apparent fondness for comandeering machines, Regalla is out to stir up some trouble though you’ll have to wait to find out what her agenda is.

The trailer doesn’t mention the Nora, so you can assume that Aloy has left her own tribe far behind, or that their presence in the game will be strictly minimal.

You can give all these tribespeople a big, friendly hug when Horizon Forbidden West lands on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 this February 18th. Or if you never delved into the original open-world mecha-dino game, you can pick it up now on PlayStation 4 and PC.

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