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How Long Does it Take to Beat Nobody Saves the World?

If you’re thinking of playing Nobody Saves the World, you may be wondering how long it takes to beat. Here’s what you need to know.

Out now on PC and Xbox consoles, Nobody Saves the World is a gloriously entertaining action-RPG that has you changing between different character forms. One minute you’re a hulking bodybuilder, the next you’re a slug. Or maybe you’ll be a wizard, and then a zombie. You’ll need to switch between forms to utilise each character’s individual skills, and it makes for a lot of fun. But how long can you expect to spend playing Nobody Saves the World before you complete it?

It took us around 18 hours to beat Nobody Saves the World. That includes also spending quite a bit of time working to level up characters, completing some optional objectives and picking up most of the collectibles dotted around the world.

It’s likely you’ll spend about the same amount of time with the game, too. If you focus solely on beating the main castles that lead you to the boss, you may be able to finish a little quicker. But since this is a fairly open, non-linear game, it’s likely you’ll end up doing some non-essential stuff too. Besides, this isn’t a game to be rushed; take some time to enjoy the world you’re in and find the odd secret.

So: you’ll complete Nobody Saves the World somewhere between 15 to 20 hours. And when you’re done, you’ll unlock New Game Plus mode, so you can do it all again. In New Game Plus, you’ll be back at the start of the game, but you’ll have all of your characters, skills and upgrades unlocked. It’s a great mode for cleaning up any missing collectibles or working to upgrade all of your characters.

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