How to Find Elderphinium in Strange Horticulture

Strange Horticulture Elderphinium

Finding Elderphinium might be one of the most difficult puzzles in Strange Horticulture. But if you’re struggling, we’re here to help.

Your journey to find Elderphinium – a very specific type of plant – in Strange Horticulture begins with a random note asking you to meet someone at the source of the River Winster. The ‘source’ of a river is where it begins inland, rather than where it joins with the sea (that’s the ‘mouth’). And so you’ll find the source of River Winster in square J-22, highlighted in the image below.

When you click on the quest, though, nobody is there; it seems whoever left you a note has now gone. But at their camp, you’ll discover a clue that’s been left for you, made out of sticks on the ground. The clue? “↓2 →3”, or in other words “down two, right three”.

And so, from the square you’re currently on (the source of the River Winster), move down two and right three. That will put you on square L-25. Click that and you’ll be given a strange new device.

The device can be used to find hidden things and messages in your environment. And, it turns out, hidden notes on your map. But to use it, it will need to be combined with Red Abony, a flower you should have in your collection. Despite being called Red Abony, the plant is actually one large, big dark blue flower. Once you’ve used Red Abony with your device, you can now start using it.

Red Abony

Open up your map and use the device. You’ll see a few examples of text now glowing. Move the device around, and you’ll find one that says “Elderphinium location”. Click to visit, and that’s it: you’ve found Elderphinium in Strange Horticulture!

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