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Rainbow Six Extraction

How to Get React Tokens in Rainbow Six Extraction

Wondering how to get more React tokens in Rainbow Six Extraction to upgrade your tech? Here’s what you need to know.

When you begin playing Rainbow Six Extraction, you’ll first have to play through a short tutorial section. Upon completing it, you’ll be taken to the game’s main menu where you’ll find you have one ‘React’ token to spend on unlocking a piece of React tech. It’s up to you what you choose; there’s body armour, a healing syringe, and a couple of other useful pieces of technology to choose from. But you can only have one. So: how do you get more React tokens to unlock more tech in Rainbow Six Extraction?

Put simply, those React tokens are doled out as you progress through the game. When you earn enough experience to get to the next level, you’ll be given a slate of rewards, and those rewards often include a React token. You can then head back into your React tech menu to spend that token on unlocking a new piece of tech.

It’s worth noting that some pieces of tech themselves are locked behind a progression gate. You’lll need to reach a high enough overall level in order to unlock better stuff. And so it’s perhaps worth holding on to some React tokens for a while until you can unlock something a little better.

But that’s all there is to getting more React tokens in Rainbow Six Extraction: simply keep playing. As you level up, you’ll earn new rewards, including more React tokens.

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