How to Rescue MIA Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction

If you die, or otherwise fail a mission in Rainbow Six Extraction, your operator will go MIA. But how do you rescue them?

Bad news: you’ve just failed a mission in Rainbow Six Extraction, and now your favourite operator has gone MIA – missing in action. Don’t worry; you can get them back. But you’re going to have to find and rescue them first.

On the operator selection menu, you’ll see that any MIA operators are unavailable to select, their thumbnails marked red. You’ll need to select another operator to use in your next mission. Heading into the mission select screen, the area where your operator failed will be highlighted with an icon – you’ll have to replay this area in order to attempt to rescue them.


Every mission in Rainbow Six Extraction is split into three parts; the first being the easiest, and the third being the hardest. If you’re lucky, the first part of the mission will be a rescue mission to bring back your MIA operator. But it could be the second or third, and so you’ll need to survive the rest of the mission before you can reach them.

Once you do get to the rescue mission, you’ll be told to locate the operator. Snoop around, or use a tracking tool if you have one in order to help find them. When you do find them, you’ll see that they’re tethered to a huge alien plant structure. Not good. To free them, you’ll literally need to pull them away from the tree – but it’s not quite so simple.

Attached to the tree are long tendrils spreading out to walls or corners of the room. They’re attached to red flower-like bulbs, and every so often they’ll emit a red pulse going towards the plant that’s holding your operator captive. You need to shoot at those bulbs while pulling the operator free. Doing this by yourself will be very tricky, so we recommend doing rescue missions with at least one other operator in tow. Those tendrils and bulbs do regenerate over time, so be sure to shoot them as quickly as possible.

Once your operator is freed from the plant, you’ll need to carry them to the nearest extraction point. Make sure you interact with the extraction point to put them inside the capsule; simply placing them in the extraction zone won’t do.

And that’s it – you’ve successfully rescued your MIA operator. They’ll likely still be out of action for a while though; they’ll need to regain their health first.

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