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How to Save Your Game in God of War

God of War

Beating enemies to a bloody pulp in God of War is fun and all, but when you need to take a break you want to make sure you’ve saved all your progress.

While God of War does feature an autosave function, it’s probably wise to manually save your game before turning it off. Thankfully, it’s an easy process.

To manually save your game in God of War, first you need to bring up the in-game menu. If you’re playing with a controller, which is recommended, simply press the Options/Start button to do so. From there, you need to go to the Options menu. To do that, press the Triangle button if you’re playing with a PlayStation controller, or Y if you’re playing with an Xbox controller – whichever your input device, the required button or key is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Once you’re in the options menu, you’ll find that you have numerous options such as restart from your last checkpoint, change game settings and also save and load. Simply highlight and select the ‘Save’ option, and you’ll be given the option to create or overwrite a manual save slot. It’s as easy as that!

There’s nothing worse than losing precious game progress, so make a habit of creating manual saves regularly, just to make sure. Aside from combat and cutscenes, you can access the options menu at any time. There’s no need to have to replay small sections of the game just because you need a tea break. Even Kratos needs a break sometimes too, you know.

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