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How to Save Your Game in Nobody Saves the World

Wondering how to save your game in Nobody Saves the World? Here’s everything you need to know in order to avoid losing progress.

The latest game from Drinkbox Studios, the creative minds behind Guacamelee, is Nobody Saves the World. And, just like the developer’s previous games, it’s colourful, offbeat, and a whole lot of fun. It’s an open world action RPG that has you jumping between more than a dozen different character forms. One moment you’ll be a guard, equipped with heavy armour and a great big sword. The next? You’ll be a tiny little mouse with a powerful, poisonous bite. It’s as zany as it sounds, and that’s why we love it.

But if you’ve just started to play, then you may be wondering how to save your game in Nobody Saves the World. After all, there’s no ‘save game’ or ‘save and quit’ option in the menu, and that can raise alarm bells. Don’t worry, Nobody Saves the World has a robust save system which means you won’t lose progress.

See those stone monoliths that glow purple dotted around the world? They’re save points. Unlike other games, you don’t need to interact with them to save your game. Simply walk close enough to one and you’ll notice it glow and make a slight noise. That means your game has been saved.

Save points are generously dotted around Nobody Saves the World. You’ll find one outside of each dungeon’s door (and there are lots of dungeons), and also randomly spread around other parts of the map. You’ll never be more than a couple of minutes away from one. So, when you want to save your game and quit playing Nobody Saves the World, simply make sure you’ve walked by a save point first. When you load up the game next time, you’ll be right where you left off.

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