How to Unlock New Operators in Rainbow Six Extraction

Rainbow Six Extraction

Wondering how to unlock new operators to play as in Rainbow Six Extraction? Here’s everything you need to know.

When you first start playing Rainbow Six Extraction, you’ll have a handful of operators to play as. Each operator has his or her own skillset, a preferred weapon type, and a special skill that’s unique to them. Doc, for instance, can heal himself or revive when he’s down, while other operators can use different types of tech to help them when out in the field. But how do you unlock new operators in Rainbow Six Extraction?

The simple answer? You unlock new operators by playing the game. As you earn experience points, you’ll achieve what Rainbow Six Extraction calls ‘Development Milestones’. Essentially, these are levels. These will unlock automatically as you gain XP by completing missions and successfully extracting yourself.


When you reach Development Milestone five, you’ll unlock three more operators. At Development Milestones 10 and 17, you’ll unlock three more. Once you’ve passed level 17, you’ll have the full roster of operators available to you.

It’s entirely possible that as time goes on, Ubisoft will add new operators to the game which may have their own unlock criteria. But for now, simply playing through the game and earning XP will eventually unlock the full roster of operators in Rainbow Six Extraction.

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