How to Use Photo Mode in God of War

God of War

God of War is a very nice looking game, with spectacular character models and some very nice environments. And so it stands to reason that you might want to make use of its photo mode to capture some shots.

While you can easily use the PlayStation share function to capture screenshots, or various apps/utilities if you’re playing on PC, entering God of War‘s photo mode has numerous benefits. While movement is limited, you can adjust the camera, for example, and also change things such as a character’s facial expression. But how do you access photo mode in God of War, you might be wondering.

It’s easy, really. Simply bring up the in-game menu, then press the button/key displayed at the bottom of the screen to enter the Options menu. If you’re playing with a PlayStation controller that button is Triangle, and on an Xbox controller it’s Y. Once you’re in the Options menu, simply select the ‘Enter Photo Mode’ option and into photo mode you’ll go.


Once you’re in photo mode, you’ll see some options at the bottom of the screen, along with the buttons/keys required to perform them. There’s also a menu on the right hand side, filled with various settings and effects to tinker with. If you’re using a controller, press the shoulder buttons to flick through the pages of them. One thing to note is that while you can enter photo mode during story scenes, you might find your options more limited than usual.

Once you’ve got your shot lined up and have applied all the effects that you’d like, hide the user interface and then press the share button on PlayStation to capture your shot, or press in the right stick if you’re playing on PC. Photos will be stored in your capture library on PlayStation, while on PC a pop up will appear once you’ve taken a picture to let you know where it can be found.

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