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Introducing Zeri, League of Legends’ Latest Champion

League of Legends Zeri

If you’re a regular League of Legends player, you’ll be excited to know that a new face is in town.

With League of Legends patch 12.2, new champion Zeri has been added to the game. She’s known as the ‘Spark of Zaun’ thanks to her electricity-based powers. She brings to the game an interesting new backstory, and a wealth of supercharged abilities. Here’s what you need to know about her.

Zeri’s Backstory

Zeri grew up as part of a large working-class family, and so was no stranger to hardship. Her powers were unusual, and in her younger days caused quite a few problems – there was more than one power outage caused by her outbursts, that’s for sure.

But as Zeri grew, she learned to control her special ability. She worked well under pressure, and the more tense her situation got, the more she was able to channel her ability. And when disaster struck her town, she was the one to take charge and fight what needed to be fought.

Now, she uses a custom-crafted gun to help channel her powers. She’s fast and flighty, but she’s compassionate, and only wants to help and protect others. She’s extremely loyal to those she cares about.

Zeri’s Abilities

Here’s a rundown of Zeri’s signature abilities.

  • Living Battery (passive): Gain move speed whenever receiving a shield. When Zeri damages an enemy shield, she absorbs its energy for herself.
  • Burst Fire: Passively, moving and casting Burst Fire stores up energy. When fully charged, the next basic attack will deal bonus damage and slow enemies. When active, it shoots a burst of 7 rounds that deal physical damage.
  • Ultrashock Laser: An electric pulse that deals damage and slows one enemy.
  • Spark Surge: Using Spark Surge causes Zeri to dash, which energises three uses of Burst Fire. This pierces through enemies. While dashing, she’ll vault or grind over obstacles.
  • Lightning Crash: A nova of electricity, damaging enemies in a radius around Zeri. It also overcharges her, giving her increase damage, attack speed and move speed for a short time.

See Zeri in action in the trailer below:

How to Play League of Legends as Zeri

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As a marksman, Zeri is suited to players who enjoy ranged attacks. If you prefer to get up-close and personal, then Zeri probably isn’t for you. The resource she uses is Mana, and she’s a physical adaptive type.

If you like nimble characters then you’ll enjoy using Zeri – she’s very fast on her feet. She’s low on utility and toughness, however, which makes her one of the more difficult characters to play as.