Lost Ark’s Latest Video Explores the Water-Logged World of Arkesia

Lost Ark Welcome to Arkesia 1

Lost Ark is coming to PC this February, inviting you to explore the world of Arkesia.

Yes, really – this free-to-play MMORPG’s “regular” world is called Arkesia and, wait for it, there’s a mineral called Arkesium. Sure, those names were right there, but it’s like setting a Call of Duty game in Dutyaria. The game has been out in Korea, Japan and Russia for two years and is estimated to have over 200,000 players a day, so developers Tripod Studio and Smilegate RPG must be doing something right.

Lost Ark is getting a western release courtesy of Amazon Games and, to give new players an idea of what to expect, they’ve put out a “Welcome to Arkesia” video. It offers a glimpse of the character customisation system, character classes, the stronghold system and more.


The latter’s one of the most interesting features, letting you craft your own island fortress. Lost Ark’s world isn’t quite as ocean-heavy as Sea of Thieves, but it’s close. So, aside from hacking up monsters, you’ll spend a significant amount of time on the seas, plundering wrecks and so forth, before returning to your home base.

Class-wise, there’s the usual warrior and mage, but there’s also a martial artist, assassin and gunner. Aside from hacking chunks of out fleshy beasts, there are also mechanical enemies to face off against – there’s definitely a smattering of steampunk here. Oh, and there’s an awful lot of pointy armour.

What isn’t on display, however, is ship-to-ship combat. Yes, you can sail Arkesia’s seas, and take on other players in PVP arenas but, unless it’s set to arrive in a future update, you can’t plunder computer-controlled or player-controlled vessels. There are other sea-based activities but if you were planning on becoming a mighty pirate, your options are a little limited.

Still, it looks like there’s plenty here to keep players occupied and it’s free (though there are non-cosmetic microtransactions). If Lost Ark takes your fancy you’ll soon be able to dive in, via Steam, this February 11th.