6 of the Most Expensive CS:GO Skins

Counter Strike: Global Offensive gained popularity in 2013 when Valve added skins to the game. Almost nine years on, it’s still one of the most played games on Steam.

Players love skins because their weapons look more powerful when they have different colours and textures on them. While buying these skins may not improve a player’s skill, they tickle the imagination and look cool.

Players can earn skins in-game but they can also be bought for real money. There’s even a way to trade CS:GO skins on the online market. It’s no surprise that some skins for weapons and items for CS:GO are very expensive.

Some of the most expensive skins can sell for tens of thousands of dollars on today’s market. Read on to learn about some of the most expensive skins and items that you can buy on the online market.

Prices Change Often

The prices of skins on the online market for Counter Strike: Global Offensive are constantly changing. Players often wonder what is the reason for the sudden jumps and falls in prices. There are a million factors that affect the price of skins and items.

The first is rareness. If the skin is rare, its price is instantly higher. There are some skins created by renowned artists, and yet they cost less than 20 bucks. On the other hand, skins decorated with some rare and unique patterns might cost ten times more.

A skin can also be removed from crafting, and its price will also change. If it becomes hard to find on the market, that increases its rarity and therefore price.

Another reason is that new skins are constantly appearing. Each new skin causes the current hype, but the price slowly drops and reaches a normal value after a while. It all depends on the demand-supply ratio, and that’s how prices are determined on the online market.

What affects a skin’s value?

Before we list the most expensive skins for CS:GO, let’s start with what affects their value. As we mentioned, the rarity level is the biggest factor in determining the price. If there are only a few skins circulating on the online market, and the demand for them is high, the price will jump significantly.

Some players will give a small fortune to own some of the rare skins that you can’t easily find on the market. Also, there are special features that you can buy for skins. It’s another factor that affects the price of skins.

For now, there are at least three features that can be attached to some typical skin, such as StatTrak, which shows the number of kills with the weapon you own. There’s no specific factor that determines the value of skins. It all depends on the market, supply and demand.

CS:GO Skins That Hold the Highest Value

Here are the six most expensive skins for CS:GO that you can find on today’s market.

1. Dragon Lore AWP
Image: CSGOStash.com

One of the most popular skins is Dragon Lore AWP. It has kept its uniquely high price for some time now due to its great popularity among players. The skin is olive green with a dragon print, which spits fire down the barrel. Such a unique and rare skin is perhaps one of the most desirable on the market.

Dragon Lore rightly holds a high price since he appeared, and most players would certainly love to put their hands on it.

2. Gamma Doppler Karambit
Image: CSGOStash.com

Gamma Doppler is a series of skins for Karambit. There are several different colours with which the knife is embellished. It looks like a tiger’s claw with a metallic blade. The blade can be emerald green interwoven with blue elements.

It is additionally decorated with white translucent traces that look like smoke. This skin also contains a StatTrak feature which also significantly increases its market value. The skin itself is very expensive if you buy it as factory-new, and with the StatTrak feature, the price can jump by $1,000.

3. M4A4 Howl
Image: CSGOStash.com

The third on our list is the M4A4 Howl skin. It’s almost impossible to obtain unless you trade with other players. That’s a unique red skin that holds the first place in terms of price in the history of all gaming skins.

It’s decorated with a depiction of a wolf and is one of the most beautiful skins for the M4A4 weapon. Since it is removed from the offer and contraband, it is difficult to determine the right price, but it is certainly one of the more expensive CS:GO skins.

4. Fire Serpent AK-47
Image: CSGOStash.com

This skin may not be the most expensive on the list, but it’s very hard to get. It can only be obtained by opening Operation Bravo Case, which isn’t easy. Because of that, it’s one of the most desirable skins among players.

5. Nuclear Threat Tec-9
Image: CSGOStash.com

Tec-9 Nuclear Treat skin has been present on the market since 2013. It comes from The Nuke Collection and is a favourite of many players who are constantly on the move. This skin is for fans of olive green that is spray-painted on the gun. It’s also decorated with a very bright radioactive green print of a hazard pattern. It is one of the most expensive gun skins for CS:GO.

Image: CSGOStash.com

Pink DDPAT AWP is a skin that is rarely seen among players today. When it appeared on the market, it was an absolute hit. This skin is adorned with pink and gray pixels, and although it’s not one of the most expensive CS:GO skins, it holds a very high price to this day.