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OlliOlli World preview

OlliOlli World Has a New and Slightly Horrifying Cinematic Trailer

We’re a little conflicted about OlliOlli World’s new cinematic trailer.

Yes, we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the release version of this side-on skateboard sim, third entry in the OlliOlli series, when it arrives next month. We got a real kick out of the preview version, remarking that “It’s clear Roll7 has poured a lot of love into every element of the game.”

But despite our enthusiasm, this new cinematic trailer leaves us with several questions. It features a skateboarder, presumably meant to represent OlliOlli World‘s customisable protagonist, racing through a cartoon landscape that’s a little reminiscent of Adventure Time. So far, so good.

Things start to get strange when he bumps into a humanoid frog, whose briefcase explodes revealing with a mess of green slime. The frog is clearly distressed about this, which makes us wonder… what on earth did he have in there? Was he bringing food home to his children? Are his tadpoles going to starve due to the skateboarder’s selfishness?

But that’s just the tip of the horrifying, mind-bending iceberg. A pair of sentient ice-cream cones are standing around, just having a friendly chat, when the skateboarder smashes through one of them, removing a huge chunk of their ice-cream head. Admittedly, we’re not clear on the general anatomy of this duo, but missing a large portion of their soft-scoop skull can’t have done them any good.

Soaring up a ramp, this wheeled monster then licks the ice-cream’s brain matter from his fingers and, as he belts back down the ramp, delivers an equally brain-breaking blow to the other ice-cream. And yet, when he finally comes to a stop, everyone cheers his antics. Why has no-one arrested this reprobate? Why aren’t the ice-creams being attended to by a medical professional, preferably a neurologist who specialises in traumatic brain injuries?

OlliOlli World will, almost certainly, answer none of these questions. But you can dive into its skating antics this 8th February when it launches on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Switch and PC.

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