Rainbow Six Extraction’s Lore Trailer Dives Into the Horror of the Chimera

Rainbow Six Extraction Lore Trailer

Rainbow Six Extraction’s new Lore trailer re-introduces the Chimera parasite, the infectious organism your team of alien-busting badasses is going to be dealing with.

Yes, re-introduces, because the Chimera first saw the light of day in Rainbow Six’s “Outbreak” event. Now, this co-op shooter spin-off is going all in, pitting you against the Archaeans, a new breed of Chimera-infected beasties. And, if the trailer is anything to go by, there’s no way they’re keeping this under wraps.

Aside from showcasing the various enemies, the Sower, Tormentor, Lurker, Bloater and Apex, the trailer has the Chimera biomass smashing through the ground, ruining everyone’s day, to the point where it’s going to be impossible to cover up. Maybe it was just a very slimy weather balloon.

The aforementioned beasties all look suitably formidable, though it’s the Lurker that really has us worried. This creature can not only cloak itself, Predator style, but also hide any enemies nearby. As enemies go, that’s some pretty devious design right there.

We’re not sure whether Tom Clancy’s name should still be attached, given that he mostly wrote political thrillers but, given that Rainbow Six Extraction is coming to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass on Day 1, we’re definitely going to take it for a spin. It’s set to arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia and Amazon Luna this January 20th.

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