Take Part in Hot Wheels Unleashed Design Battle and Your Creation May Come to Life

Hot Wheels Unleashed Rodger Dodger

Still having fun with Hot Wheels Unleashed? You might be interested in the Design Battle competition that’s set to run from 14th January until 14th February.

Hot Wheels Unleashed has quickly become Milestone’s most successful game. It’s not all that surprising given that it’s based on one of the world’s most popular franchises and is a hell of a lot of fun to play. Give our review a read if you’re still on the fence about it. It seems like Mattel is happy with it too, as it’s using it to launch a competition that could see one lucky winner have their car design immortalised in real life.

The Hot Wheels Unleashed Design Battle tasks players with designing their own livery for the Rodger Dodger using the in-game Livery Editor. All entries submitted by 14th February will be judged by a panel of Mattel’s world-class designers, and the winning entry will then be turned into a real life Hot Wheels toy, available to purchase globally in December.


If you’re wondering what the prize for winning the competition is, it’s just that – the merit of having your design brought to life. It’s perhaps a bit disappointing; it would have been nice if you got a small share of the profits relating to the vehicle you helped create, or at least got a model gifted to you.

Still, if you’re interested in taking part, international artists Van Orton Design and Oskunk have both created their own Rodger Dodger liveries in the game to give you some inspiration. Oskunk’s can be seen in the header image, while Van Orton Design’s er… design is below.

Hot Wheels Rodger Dodger Van Orton

The competition is open to all players across PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Check out the trailer for it below.