Techland Has Pledged to Support Dying Light 2 for Five Years

Dying Light 2

Techland has guaranteed it’ll support Dying Light 2 for a massive five years.

The developer, responsible for both the original Dying Light and its upcoming sequel, tweeted out this promise on Friday, stating that, “We guarantee to expand the world of Dying Light 2 Stay Human for at least 5 years post launch with new stories, locations, in-game events and all the fun stuff you love!”

That could be good news for Dying Light 2 players, assuming that game isn’t a terrible, terrible trainwreck when it comes out. It was originally pencilled in for a 2020 release date and has been delayed a few times, including a period where it lacked a release window. Previews have been generally positive and, as fans of the original, we’re hoping it delivers.


Dying Light 2, like its prequel, will see you parkouring your way around a huge, open city, doing your level best to stay out of the clutches of the undead, and meleeing the living daylights out of them when they get too close. However, more so than in the original, Dying Light 2 Stay Human sees you contending with bandits and other human foes.

So, there’s more scope for in-game events than just “Here are some more zombies. Kill them.” Dying Light’s DLC, a mixture of paid and free, was a fun way of maintaining interest in the game. However, we felt that, with Dying Light 2 being delayed, the recent content wasn’t so much to keep people playing, it was to remind them that Dying Light existed.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that the same account that tweeted this out also proudly boasted that it would take 500 hours to complete every aspect of Dying Light 2, as if that was automatically a good thing. So make what you will of this promise. Techland has also yet to clarify if this new content will be free or not.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human will arrive this February 4th, released on the Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, PC and, via cloud gaming, the Nintendo Switch.

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