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The Elder Scrolls Online’s High Isle Expansion Promises Political Intrigue

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The Elder Scrolls Online’s new expansion, High Isle, will take you to a land where peace is for sale.

Yes, while we’re all waiting on The Elder Scrolls VI, The Elder Scrolls Online has received more and more and more content. Granted, you have to pay for the expansions but, sitting here with Skyrim in our collection, it’s making us a little jealous.

What’s especially intriguing about High Isle, which arrives in June, isn’t so much that it takes place on the home of the Bretons, but there may well be some political shenanigans going on. Peace negotiations are taking place which, if successful, could end a long-running war and we’ve got our fingers crossed that at least one organisation, possibly the Dark Brotherhood, will pay us good money to disrupt the talks.

Aside from the expansion itself, The Elder Scrolls Online will be getting a card game, Tales of Tribute, so you can wander into some tavern, sit down with a virtual drink, and lose an awful lot of money. If you’ve ever failed miserably at The Witcher 3’s Gwent, you know exactly what to expect.

High Isle or, to give it its full title, The Elder Scrolls Online: High IsleLegacy of the Britons will require the base game and arrive 6th June on PC, Mac and Google Stadia. It’ll land on PlayStation and Xbox a little later, on the 21st of June.

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