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The Last Worker, Set in an Increasingly Automated World, Has a New Trailer

The Last Worker

Would working for an Amazon fulfilment centre be worse if the facility was run by GLaDOS? That’s the question The Last Worker looks set to answer.

Honestly? We’re not sure if would be worse or not. Yes, we’re huge hypocrites because we regularly use Amazon but the various horror stories about Amazon delivery drivers having to relieve themselves into bottles make us wonder if Portal’s testing-obsessed robot overlord would be so bad to work for.

The Last Worker seems set to let you find out. Of course, GLaDOS herself doesn’t put in an appearance but the trailer for this upcoming first-person adventure makes us think that your protagonist, the all-but last human in a definitely-not-Amazon fulfilment centre, is in for a wild wide.

Aside from the standard first-person perspective which will be coming to PC and consoles, The Last Worker will arrive on Oculus Quest (or, technically, Meta Quest), so you’ll get to experience the horror in VR. Because, while The Last Worker is labelled as a narrative adventure, the fact that the trailer has claws literally snatching up workers and hauling them off makes us suspect this isn’t going to be all kittens, rainbows and piss-bottles.

The Last Worker will be released in 2022, landing on the Oculus Quest 2, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC (which will also support VR). You can take a peek at the trailer below or wishlist The Last Worker on Steam now.

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