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The Original Resident Evil is Getting a Fan Re-Remake

Resident Evil 1 Remake 1

Typical. You wait for one Resident Evil remakes then two come along at once.

Sure, it was fun to see – and play – the Resident Evil Code Veronica remake, but the same fan team is working a remake of the original Resident Evil. Or you could call it a re-re-make, since the original 1996 Resident Evil was remade in 2002, initially for the GameCube.

It certainly looks impressive, even more so than the original, not least because it adopts an over-the-shoulder camera angle. Yes, 2002’s Resident Evil was a remake, but it wasn’t as drastic an overhaul as the recent Resident Evil 2 remake. It upgraded the graphics and sound, doing away with the wobbly voice acting of the original, but it still retained the fixed camera angles.

The remake seems to be using the same audio files as the 2002 remake. Aside from featuring the now iconic Spencer Mansion, this remake adds a section which sees you visiting Resident Evil 2’s police station, minus zombies. As long as it’s a flying visit, it sounds like a cool touch, providing it’s not reusing an asset for the sake of it.

If Capcom don’t shut down the project, the remake is set to be launched alongside the Code Veronica remake later this year.  You can find out more from the “official” website.

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