This Choo Choo Charles “Bug Fix” is Pure Genius

Choo Choo Charles Rock

Gavin Eisenbeisz, creator of the upcoming Choo Choo Charles, has been sharing the game’s development process but his recent “bug fix” really is something else.

Instead of just putting out a behind-the-scenes video when the game is about to be released, Eisenbeisz, one-man-studio Two Star Games, has regularly been sharing his progress. He puts out update videos and tweets regularly, explaining how he’s crafting his Evil Train Game.

Some of the revelations these video contains are downright horrifying. Choo Choo Charles, the antagonist of the titular game, has spider legs, as you can tell from the trailer. What you might not know, unless you’ve watched Eisenbeisz’s videos, is that he was created by putting a train on top of a spider. Yes, if you could no-clip inside Charles, you’d see an actual spider in there.

This new titbit is less disturbing but just as innovative. Eisenbeisz had a problem with a NPC, discovering that – when she was sitting – her hands didn’t reach her lap, they just floated there. What could he do? Get another character model? Meddle with the animation? None of these, his solution was to give her a pet rock.

It’s a ridiculous yet strangely innovative solution. The pet rock fills in the gap between her hands and legs and given that Choo Choo Charles is set to be quite a disturbing outing, this dose of weirdness doesn’t seem out of place. The comments are almost as enlightening, with some other creators sharing their own experiences, one pointing out that they’d done the same thing with a bucket.

Choo Choo Charles is set for a 2022 release and will land on the PC. You can wishlist this oddball horror game on Steam here.