Tinykin’s Latest Trailer Explores the World of This Upcoming Puzzle Adventure

Tinykin Story Trailer

Tinykin has a new trailer, offering a glimpse of this Pikmin style adventure’s world. And, if we’re honest, it’s got us a little worried.

We’re still looking forward to this odd adventure, more so now we’ve seen a glimpse of the characters your shrunken astronaut protagonist will interact with. Yes, Tinykin borrows its core concept from Pikmin, putting you in charge of a group of tiny little creatures who can be commanded to assist you. But, compared to the latter, Tinykin’s world looks much more interesting.

Your astronaut is stranded in a vast house which, watching the video, reminds us a little of one of Katamari Damacy’s early levels. Objects have been used to create shops, mini-houses and all manner of other places. The house, in fact, is a huge city, occupied by all manner of cartoon creatures.

There are ants, dung beetles and more, each with their own culture and needs and Milo, your character, will have to assist these characters if he’s to have any chance of getting home.  These interactions could make Tinykin even more charming than it already is, particularly since the solutions to these problems seem thoroughly wholesome.

What’s got us worried, however, is the fact that there are no people about. The house clearly hasn’t been emptied, but where is the owner? We just hope there’s not a level where you step into a bedroom and discover the householder’s corpse, colonised by a horde of cutesy cartoon maggots.

We’ll just have to hope that Tinykin doesn’t go there when it arrives on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 this summer.