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Strange Horticulture Kentmere Eye

What Does Kentmere Eye Mean in Strange Horticulture?

A few days into your time playing Strange Horticulture, you’ll get a letter that says ‘Kentmere Eye’. What does it mean?

Strange Horticulture is filled with cryptic clues for you to solve. But one that may have you stumped more than most is a weird two-word letter you receive. All it says on it is ‘Kentmere Eye’. You go to your map, and see there’s a place called Kentmere, but no mention of an Eye. And if you click to visit Kentmere, nothing happens.

It seems you need an additional item to solve the puzzle. In your belongings on your desk, you’ll see a strange coin with a hole in the centre. Around its edge are 12 random symbols. The clue – Kentmere Eye – is telling you where and how to use the coin.

Open up your map in Strange Horticulture and place the coin over Kentmere, so it’s visible through the hole in the centre of the coin. Look around the edge of the coin until you find the eye symbol. Click the square that the eye is directly pointing to.

That’s it – you’ve solved the clue of Kentmere Eye in Strange Horticulture. Clicking on the right square will reward you with some new plants to add to your collection.

You’ll get a few more of these letters in the days that follow, all of which need to be completed in the same way. They are as follows:

  • Sadgill Chalice
  • Foxfield Trident
  • Beckfoot Candle

And so for each of these, place the coin over the relevant location (i.e. Sadgill, Foxfield and Beckfoot), then see where the symbol points. For each one, you’ll get more plants to add to your collection.

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