You Can Now Watch the Uncharted Movie’s Full Plane Fight

Uncharted Movie

Sony have released a two-and-a-half minute clip showing the plane fight from the upcoming Uncharted movie.

And.. it’s okay, we guess? It reminds us of a scene from the James Bond movie The Living Daylights though there’ve been a few other movies where the hero has to fight their way through a cargo plane. It sees Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake hanging onto a string of cargo pallets trailing behind the plane, Mark Wahlberg’s Sully having made an early parachute-assisted exit.

Uncharted, distributed by Sony Pictures, is set to release this February 22nd, landing in cinemas. It’s based, as the title suggests, on the games of the same name but, if we’re honest, apart from Tom Holland’s outfit, it doesn’t exactly remind us of the games.

Sure, it was futile to hope this Nathan Fillion Uncharted short would become a full movie, but watching the clip, our impressions are, “Yes, this is an action film that features Tom Holland.” It’s not practical, from a financial standpoint, for a film to just to appeal to a game’s fans (Fortnite aside) but we’re not entirely sure who this is aimed at.

Uncharted fans, maybe? Sony might like to think so, but Mark Wahlberg isn’t the game’s grizzled Sully and Tom Holland is just.. Tom Holland. Action movie fans, perhaps? Spider-Man fans? Tom Holland aficionados? With a budget of $120 million, excluding promotion, it’ll need a big audience to recoup its budget.

Granted, we’re judging the movie based on a trailer, so perhaps the full film will have that magic something. But, especially given the current crisis, we’re going to hold off booking our tickets, at least until the reviews come in.