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The Gunk Photo Mode

A New Photo Mode Adds a Reason to Jump Back into The Gunk

Xbox console exclusive The Gunk released just before Christmas, and we had nothing but praise to say about it.

If you’ve not played it yet, or if you’re looking for a reason to jump back in, The Gunk‘s upcoming update may give you the reason you’ve been waiting for. A new photo mode is coming soon, allowing players to create their own works of art from within The Gunk‘s gorgeous, mysterious world.

From the screnshots we’ve seen, The Gunk‘s photo mode allows players to tinker with the usual settings: field of view, focus distance, depth of field and exposure. There’s also various filters to be applied, allowing you to create somethiong truly unique.

Despite not having a ‘realistic’ art style, we love how The Gunk looks, and in our review we praised its gorgeous, colourful environments. We’re looking forward to capturing these on camera soon.

Along with the upcoming photo mode, The Gunk will also be releasing on Steam and “other PC platforms” later this spring. There’s no word on a PlayStation or Switch release however; we expect that Xbox holds console exclusivity at least for a while.

The Gunk is available now on Xbox, the Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass. Read our review here.

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