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Babylon’s Fall’s New Combat Trailer Shows Off Some Fancy Fighting

Babylon's Fall 1 (1)

The latest trailer for Babylon’s Fall, Platinum Games’ upcoming action-RPG is a little bit silly.

It offers a reasonably in-depth look at the game’s combat system, including the many weapon and weapon types at your disposal. It reveals that you can get your hands on hammers, swords, bows, shields and more, explaining some of the advantages of disadvantages of each.

For example, hammers can be charged to deliver a hefty attack and, while hanging around waiting for that to happen might seem light a death sentence, you can dodge attacks while you’re charging. Don’t worry about doing your back in, either – your character has merged with an artefact called a “Gideon Coffin” which makes them tougher than most.

On top of that, you can switch weapons with relative ease – there’s a very cool moment in the trailer where your protagonist leaps backwards and then shifts, mid-air, to wield a bow, which they then use to turn an enemy into a pincushion. At least you can if you own a PlayStation or PC, since Babylon’s Fall is set to be a PlayStation 4 and 5 console exclusive.

The trailer makes Babylon’s Fall looks like a mash-up of Dark Souls and Platinum Games’ own Bayonetta, with a co-op mode thrown in for good measure. However, we weren’t that impressed when we got our hands on it; we were put off by its tank enemies and drab visuals. We have our fingers crossed that Platinum have turned things around but, given that there’s a PlayStation demo out today, it’s worth taking Babylon’s Fall for a spin before you put your money down.

None of that might sound particularly daft, but what’s silly, to the point where it makes us crack up, is the amazingly serious voice-over that accompanies the trailer. It’s the voice of some wise war-master or grizzled combat trainer but its seriousness is wholly undermined by the fact he keeps talking about combos and charging your weapon. It’s like listening to Yoda tell you how to pull off a Dragon Punch in Street Fighter II.

Babylon’s Fall is out on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC this March 3rd. Platinum Games has promised a free season of content including new enemies, new factions, new weapons and more, some of which will be inspired by NieR:Automata. In the meantime, you can check out the above trailer or dive into the demo on the PlayStation Store.

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