1After the best Marvel Superhero games? Check these out

Spider-Man Remastered 1

Once largely confined to the pages of comic books, the superheroes created by Marvel are more popular now than ever before.

They feature in blockbuster films that dominate the cinema and countless TV series accessible via services such as Disney+. And of course, they also have their own video games. Not all video games featuring the likes of Iron Man, Thor and Hulk have been great over the years though. In fact, at one point in time, superhero games were generally pretty dire. Just like most movie tie-ins.

With Marvel’s superheroes being more high profile now though, games based on them have improved. Now, it’s rare for a Marvel game to be anything less than simply good. But what if you’re after the best Marvel superhero games? We’ve pretty much played them all, so we’ve put together a short list of the ones you should watch out for. So, click on through, and you might just find the next game to sink some time into.

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