4New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap

If a more relaxing game is more your thing, you’ll get a huge kick out of New Pokémon Snap, the newest single-player game to arrive on Switch. A remake of the Gamecube classic, New Pokémon Snap doesn’t task you with capturing and training Pokémon. Instead, it tasks you with simply photographing them in the wild.

Under the guidance of a professor, you’ll head out to various locations in the Lental region and, from the safety of your vehicle, you’ll snap Pokémon as you spot them in their natural habitat. Capture them in unusual poses or displaying strange behaviour and you’ll score highly. But no matter how you perform, simply exploring this world and seeing these well-known creatures in their natural world is a lot of fun. We can’t help but recommend New Pokémon Snap as one of the best single-player games on Switch. Especially if you’re after something a little more laid-back.

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