1These are the best single-player games on PC

Witcher 3 GOTY

Multiplayer games are fun, but sometimes you just want to immerse yourself in an epic single-player experience.

Thankfully there are many single-player games on PC worth investing your time into. And of course, if you have a beefy PC, they’ll look and perform better than their console counterparts. But which ones are the best?

We’ve assembled a list of the best single-player games on PC, which will hopefully be of assistance to you. Each and every one of these games is brilliant, and will eat up hours upon hours of your time. Many of them are fairly cheap now, too. And some are even included in services like Xbox Game Pass for PC, so you can game away without emptying your bank account. That’s a win-win situation to us.

We’ve included a range of single-player games from all genres, so no matter what type of experience you’re into, you should find something you dig on this list. So, click on through, and discover the best single-player games on PC.

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