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Capcom Has Confirmed Street Fighter 6 and Revealed a Wide Ryu

Street Fighter 6 Teaser

Capcom has revealed that Street Fighter 6 is currently in development and have put out a small teaser trailer showing Ryu slugging it out with newcomer Luke.

At least, Luke (who was Street Fighter V’s final DLC character) is technically in the trailer. But Ryu is so ridiculously wide that we’re finding it hard to concentrate on anything else. Sure, he’s become progressively more chonky with each Street Fighter game, but this is something else. His legs aren’t matchsticks, so our “every day is chest day” theory doesn’t hold up, but it’s quite the bulk up.

Yes, Wide Ryu, sorry, Street Fighter 6, was the big announcement that Capcom’s Countdown was ticking down to. The teaser trailer doesn’t feature any actual gameplay and is, instead, an animated cutscene showing Luke and Ryu coming to blows. It does, however, seem that Capcom has ditched the Roman numerals and are instead going with Street Fighter 6, not a VI in sight.

Capcom will be revealing more information this summer, which will almost certainly include which platforms Street Fighter 6 will grace. Street Fighter IV was a multi-console title but Street Fighter V was a PlayStation console exclusive, landing on PS4 and PC.

In the meantime, you can take a peek at the trailer below and ponder whether Ryu has to turn sideways to fit through doors.


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