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Chivalry 2 Now Has Bees, a New Map, Playable Druids, Peasant Kidnapping and Bees

Chivalry II 2

Chivalry 2’s latest update, dubbed the House Aberfell update, has left us with one very important question – could you have a knight made entirely of bees?

Oh, sure, this online medieval combat game’s update adds a bunch of other stuff as well. There’s a new team objective map, for a start, dubbed “The Raid of Aberfell” which promise to be a real challenge, not least because it’s absolutely enormous. And yes, you can play as a staff-wielding druid, a class that’s entirely new to Chivalry 2.

You can also steal pigs and peasants, though don’t count on being able to so easily defend yourself with Betsy Bacon slung over your shoulder. There’s also a new sword, the ridiculously large Highland Sword which, while potentially unwieldy, can do some major damage.

But you can’t tell us that there are now bees in the game and expect us not to start to think of ways to weaponise them. What if you got a suit of armour, shoved a few hives in there and sealed up the holes? Maybe you could tie a few flowers to a stick and tie it to the newly-constructed bee-knight’s helmet?

Sadly, it appears that all you can do with the bees is fling the hives, so our Knights of the Buzzy Tale fantasies are, for now, on hold. Still, bee-knights or not, Chivalry 2 is well worth hiving into. The update is out now –  you can check out our review here or pick the game up on Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S.

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