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1Our favourite video game couples

Broken Sword 5

Love. What’s better than love?

Even in video games, it’s hard to escape the lure of a great romantic storyline. Perhaps it’s the main focus of the game – like Catherine – or perhaps it’s merely a side distraction (Mass Effect, I’m looking at you). It could even be something that’s subtly implied through the narrative – George and Nico in the Broken Sword series, perhaps. It’s always important for players to be able to relate to video game characters, so characters with relatable relationships make for a great story.

Whatever your preferences and whoever you are, even the toughest, most steeliest among us can’t deny the pull of a great love story. As it’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, the day of love and all things mushy, we’re celebrating by revisiting some of our all-time favourite video game couples.

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