2Vincent and Catherine/Katherine from Catherine

Okay, so cheating on your long-term girlfriend shouldn’t technically put you among the best couples in video games, but it’s not that Vincent wants to cheat. In the 2012 puzzle-slash-graphic novel Catherine, Vincent’s got his long-term girlfriend Katherine pestering him to make a commitment. If that wasn’t stressful enough, the beautiful and mysterious Catherine shows up, wanting to get in his pants and get in the way. Vincent doesn’t want to hurt Katherine – he obviously loves her – but he doesn’t do a very good job of getting Catherine out of his bed either…

But depending on the choices you make during the game, Vincent can actually be a really good guy. He can succumb to the admittedly sexier Catherine, but he can also realise how much he loves Katherine. He’s dedicated to his first Katherine and, by the end of the game, if you make the right choices, you might just help Vincent be the happiest he can be with his long-term Katherine. Er, girlfriend.

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