Dance Like Nathan Drake With Fortnite’s Uncharted and Uncharted: The Movie Skins

Fortnite Uncharted

We have some absolutely shocking Uncharted news. Yes, you can now play as Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer in Fortnite, but that’s not it.

Sure, you can purchase a total of four Uncharted “skins” which, which will let swap your character out for treasure hunter and sometime murderer Nathan Drake or his sometime partner Chloe Frazer. The skins, which are available now, will let you play as their in-game incarnations, or the way they appear in the Uncharted movie, played by Tom Holland and Sophia Ali respectively.

On top of that, from now until the end of Fortnite’s Chapter 3 Season 1 you can embark on some in-game treasure-hunting activities, using Nathan Drake’s maps. Given that Fortnite’s whole island has been turned upside down, kicking off Chapter 3, it seems appropriate that Drake would turn up, though there’s no sign of his mentor and accomplice Sully so far.

But the real shocker is that the Uncharted movie isn’t terrible. In his review, Rich said it “..might actually be the best film adaptation of a video game yet.” Given how long the Uncharted movie has been in development (since 2008), that’s a major accomplishment.

Fortnite’s Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher skins are out now, and the Uncharted movie should be showing at your local cinema for the next few weeks.