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Lost Ark

Free to Play MMORPG Lost Ark Has Opened its Doors a Little Later Than Planned

Free to Play MMORPG Lost Ark is open to all, albeit a little later than planned.

This free-to-play PC MMORPG is hugely popular in China, Russia and Japan but until now has yet to receive a western release. All that has changed today, thanks to publisher Amazon Games and developer Smilegate.. except things didn’t quite go according to plan.

Lost Ark sees you roaming the land – and seas – of Arkesia in search of the titular artefact, fighting monsters and, though it’s not the chief focus of the game, other players. Despite the world being a little waterlogged there’s no ship-to-ship combat, but with 15 player classes and more beasties than you can shake a sword at there should be something for every MMORPG enthusiast.

Lost Ark has, at its peak, attracted over 500,000 players (according to SteamDB). Hang on.. didn’t it only come out today? That’s true, but those who paid for the Founders Edition, (which includes a wealth of in-game currency and items) could play it from February 8th, before it was taken offline in preparation for the full launch.  But its popularity could well have been the problem.

The game was meant to launch at around 5PM GMT but, a mere fifteen minutes before it was set to go live, the official Lost Ark account tweeted that the launch was postponed due to “deployment issues”.

The launch was delayed by several hours and while Lost Ark is now online, some issues are still cropping up. Some of the problems seem to relate to server load, with Amazon Games stating that “We are continuing to monitor server populations and will continue adding new servers as needed.”

You may want to give it a couple of days before taking the plunge, just to give Amazon Games and Smilegate time to iron the remaining issues out. But if you can’t wait, you can get Lost Ark from the Steam Store right now.

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