Gory Ninja-Style Mod Doom Shinobi Looks Absolutely Amazing

Doom Shinobi

Doom Shinobi, set to be released this weekend, turns the original FPS into a glorious, gory hack-em-up.

UPDATE (12/2/20): We incorrectly stated this was out on Friday – we’ve been watching too many Friday the 13th movies. The release date, February 13th is this coming Sunday.

Is there a game out there that couldn’t be improved by turning the main character into a ninja? Sure, we’re looking forward to Horizon Forbidden West but how much cooler would it be if Aloy could throw shurikens and decapitate a robo-dinosaur in one stroke? It’d make Life is Strange a lot shorter, that’s for sure.

Doom Shinobi, out tomorrow, applies the add-a-ninja principle to Doom. No, not that Doom, the original Doom. It retains the original levels and instead makes you a sword and shuriken wielding badass, slashing your way through Cacodemons, Imps and anyone who gets in your way.

However, as cool as that is, there’s more. The mod also adds a combo meter, showing how many slashes you’ve got in as you murder demon after demon after demon. There’s a fountain of gore, naturally (if you’ve played Brutal Doom you know what to expect), in case slicing enemies in half wasn’t satisfying enough.

We could say more but we’ll leave the trailer to convey the potential awesomeness of this mod. It’s the work of modder Edy Pagaza, whose YouTube channel is here. You’ll need a copy of Doom to play the mod, as well as the freely available GZ Doom program. As to where to get the mod itself, we recommend checking on that YouTube channel when it’s released this Sunday – we know we’ll be hitting refresh till our fingers bleed.