1These are the hardest games on PS5

Nioh 2 The Complete Edition 1

Like a challenge and own Sony’s latest powerhouse of a console? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here in search of the hardest games on PS5.

The PS5 has been available for just over a year now, but in that time many games have been released that are as hard as nails for the average gamer. Some players revel in the challenge provided by such games, however, and don’t mind dying, or failing, time and time again until they’re skilled enough to succeed. We have to admit, it is pretty rewarding.

If you are indeed after the hardest games on PS5, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list of the hardest – and best – games available on the platform, that will test the skills of even most ardent of gamers. And remember, the PS5 is also backwards compatible, so once you’ve done with these you could give some of the hardest games on PS4 a try, too. Just promise us you won’t throw your DualSense controller across the room in a fit of rage, okay?

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