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Boss Fight Books Humble Bundle

Humble’s Boss Fight Gaming Bundle Gives You 31 Books For Less Than £15 and Helps Prevent Malaria

Humble Bundle is offering a massive 31 Boss Fight Books, eBooks, all for less than £15.

If you’ve never tackled one of Boss Fight Books’ tomes, you’re in for an absolute treat. Each book, penned by a different author, is a deep dive into one particular game and, no we’re not talking about a Prima style guide here.

Instead, Boss Fight Books go behind the scenes of each title, looking at how they were made, the psychology behind some of their respective features, why they’ve endured and so forth. Even if you think you know a game, you’ll find new revelations within the page of each book.

While we haven’t had our hands on Boss Fight Books’ entire collection (which may change thanks to this bundle) the two we have explored were written by authors who were clearly passionate about each title. We reviewed Mike Drucker’s Silent Hill 2 book here and reviewed Philip J. Reid’s Resident Evil book here. Both titles left us informed, impressed and thoroughly entertained.

This new Humble Bundle will let you nab all 31 of Boss Fight Books’ as long as you pay over £13.24/$18. Or, if you want 15 books you can pay £7.35 or 73p for four books. The latter two options don’t let you choose which books you want, so if you’re after specific books, only the top tier option contains them all.

You can find the full list of titles here, but there are books about Majora’s Mask, Resident Evil, Red Dead Redemption and much, much more. There’s even a slightly silly book about some of the world’s most ridiculous “bible stories” games. All are delivered in electronic “eBook” format.

The money raised is split (you choose the split) between the developer, or in this case the publisher, and the Against Malaria Foundation, which takes action to prevent the spread of Malaria, mainly by providing insect nets. You can find the bundle here and you’ve got just under 20 days to purchase it.

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