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It’s Not Half-Life 3 but Mr Bean in City 17 Will Do for Now

Half Life 2 Mr Bean

Half-Life 3... is not here. But Mr Bean is, thanks to one talented YouTuber, and he’s putting Gordon Freeman to shame.

Sure, Half-Life 2’s hero helped bring down the Combine, the dimension-spanning empire that conquered Earth after the events of Half-Life. But it took a lot of crowbarring. Mr Bean, on the other hand, is such a walking disaster zone he can upturn their occupation without even trying.

The short video, “Mr Bean in Half-Life 2“, which you can watch below, shows Rowan Atkinson’s Mr Bean turning up in City 17 and causing chaos just by wandering around. It’s the work of eli_handle_b․wav, who was also responsible for the superb Austin Powers in Mass Effect and Mr Bean in Cyberpunk 2077.

It’s a joy to watch but our absolutely favourite moment has to be Mr Bean getting his hands on some antlion pods. Yes, the most accident and disaster-prone character to ever grace the small – and large – screen gets to command his own horde of insectoid minions. What could possibly go wrong?

On top of that, there’s a face-off with the G-Man, Half-Life’s sinister briefcase-carrying entity and… well, we won’t spoil it any further for you. But it’s one minute and thirty-seven seconds that you definitely won’t regret giving up.

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