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Lost in Play

Upcoming Point and Click Adventure Lost in Play is 100% Adorable

Combining traditional point and click sensibilities with some good, old-fashioned puzzles, Lost in Play is simply delightful.

You can get your hands on a demo of Lost in Play as part of Stem Next Fest, and if you enjoy point-and-click adventures, then this is certainly one to watch. It follows brother-sister duo Toto and Gal as they get lost in an imaginative role-playing game, transporting them to a land of magic, monsters and giants.

The demo switches you between the fantasy land and the real world, where the younger girl is trying hard to get the attention of her older brother. First, she needs to wake him up, then she needs to distract him from his Game Boy-like gaming device. To do both, you’ll need to scour around the house to find items that may come in handy.

We got a real kick out of Lost in Play‘s puzzles. Between clicking around the environment and making use of various objects, we also had to complete more traditional puzzles, like rotating a lock to get it to open, and moving sheep into the correct location. They’re the sort of thing that really force you to engage your brain without ever being too challenging or off-putting.

Lost in Play

But the real draw of Lost in Play is its art style. It’s simply beautiful, looking like a hand-drawn animation. It’s hard not to instantly fall in love with protagonists Toto and Gal, and the world around them has been created with so much loving detail. The weird and wonderful creatures you come across in the more fantastical settings, for instance, look like something snatched from a children’s cartoon, all filled with their own unique personalities. The soundtrack, too, is wonderful, perfectly accompanying the action on-screen.

Lost in Play‘s demo will take you around 30 minutes to complete, and it’s well worth jumping into. You can watch us play through a short section of it in the video below, though we’d recommend you give it a go yourself. It’s available to download for free until 28th February as part of Steam Next Fest.

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