‘Sadako Rising’ Brings The Ring to Dead By Daylight on 8th March

Dead by Daylight Sadako Rising

Dead by Daylight’s newest killer is… Sadako from Japanese horror franchise The Ring.

We’d all but figured that out when Behaviour Interactive, Dead by Daylight’s developers, revealed that the series – which already has a wealth of “guest” killers – was crossing over with The Ring/Ringu. But now it has confirmed that Sadako will be joining the asymmetric murder-em-up as the newest killer as part of a brand new ‘Sadako Rising’ chapter.

As well as the long-haired well-dwelling spectre, who kills people with the aid of a cursed video tape, Sadako Rising also adds Yoichi Asakawa to the survivors roster. He’s the son of The Ring‘s original protagonist and, not knowing any better, watched the cursed video tape himself.

Behaviour Interactive has, however, yet to reveal what powers or abilities these two characters will have. The way Sadako killed in the original movie was that someone would stumble across or be given the aforementioned cursed videotape. If the person watched the tape they’d have seven days to live – at which point Sadako would hunt them down. The only way to avert the curse was to make someone else watch the video.

So we’re eager to see if Sadako is, in-game, limited by this curse. Can you force her to hunt someone else down by exposing them to the tape? It’d certainly put a dent in the survivors’ team spirit. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you! By the way, want to watch a movie? No reason.”

Sadako Rising will be coming tor Dead by Daylight  this March 8th. The content won’t be free but, going by previous chapters, should cost around £5. You can expect another announcement, detailing Sadako’s spectral talents, between now and then. Give the announcement trailer a watch below.