Scarlet Hollow’s Spooky Third Episode Arrives This March

Scarlet Hollow Episode 3

PC spook-em-up Scarlet Hollow, currently in Steam Early Access, is set to deliver its third episode next month.

Blending horror, detective work and the odd spot of dating, Scarlet Hollow is the work of Black Tabby Games, who plan on releasing a total of seven episodes at the rate of (so far) one or two a year. But based on what we’ve seen of Scarlet Hollow, it’s going to be worth the wait.

This third episode is set to plunge you further into a mystery which has, thus far, involved wonky-faced creatures, an old mine and more. Think Scooby Doo with a heaping helping of Stephen King and a sprinkling of body horror. But, despite the spookiness going on, there should be some time for relationship-building.

In fact, what’s particularly interesting about Scarlet Hollow is the way it addresses relationships, romantic and otherwise. It doesn’t take the Mass Effect route of “Wanna bang? Y/N” and offers a more nuanced approach. For example, your cousin – owner of the world’s most forced smile – will realise that you’re just telling her what she wants to hear and will value your opinion less because of it.

Scarlet Hollow’s latest episode will arrive this March 7th on PC. The game, including all future episodes, is available from Steam for £15.49, or you can try Episode 1 for free.