Shadow Warrior 3 Has a New Release Date and a New Voice Cast

Shadow Warrior 3 (1)

Shadow Warrior 3 is arriving this March and it’s bringing an all-new voice cast with it.

The tongue-in-cheek slash-em-up was due for release last year but was delayed to “give it a little more polish”. We loved Shadow Warrior 2’s bloody mayhem, so we were happy to wait a little while if it it meant that modern ninja Lo Wang’s latest adventure would be up to scratch. Now, this March 1st we, and the rest of the gaming world, will be able to get our hands dirty as we slash and shoot our way through some truly bizarre enemies.

However, there’s also been a big behind-the-scenes change. Developers Flying Wild Hog and publishers Devolver Digital have revealed that three of the game’s characters have new voice actors. Mike Moh will be playing protagonist Lo Wang, SungWon Cho is enemy-turned-ally Orochi Zilla and Andromeda Dunker is Motoko, who’s set to assist the pair.

No, Jason Liebrecht and his fellow voice actors weren’t caught stuffing their pockets with Devolver Digital merchandise. Flying Wild Hog hasn’t stated why those three characters were recast (though we hope the original actors were paid for their work). On reflection, however, it’s easy enough to figure out.

You see, Lo Wang and Zilla, despite being asian, were played by non-Asian actors, which isn’t a great look. Devolver and Flying Wild Hog have, through recasting these roles, ensured that the characters are being played by actual Asian voice-actors, and not someone putting on an affectation.

Could this be why the game was delayed? Re-recording the game’s dialogue with three new actors can’t have been an easy task – but we think it was a smart choice, particularly since the Shadow Warrior series is based (loosely) on Eastern mythology. The above trailer shows off Moh and Dunker’s performances – there’s no sign of SungWon Cho (also known as ProZD) but, as his YouTube channel and other game-related work proves, he’s a hugely capable voice actor.

You can pre-order Shadow Warrior 3 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox which, on consoles, will include the first two Shadow Warrior games. The game will launch digitally this March 1st – there’s no news of a physical release just yet.